D.E. Haworth

Writing my debut novel of a dystopian/survival/thriller trilogy. Write/read fantasy and science fiction with a sweet spot for dystopian, post apocalyptic, and thriller fiction.

“The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.” – George Orwell

Thank you for visiting my website, where you can follow my journey to become a published author. I am currently working on my debut novel of a dystopian survival thriller trilogy set in and about Portland, OR. Not wanting to share too much, too soon, book one will follow Arturo “Art” Herrera and Sinead Gallagher through surviving the day that authoritarianism driven by a shadow organization, stomped on what little democracy remained, fracturing the United States into its second civil war.

Art whose only worry that morning was motivating himself live up to expectations – Can I sell more of my soul and fake my interest in the dreams and desires that my wife has for our family enough to get this promotion to Creative Director; has left lunch with the realization that he may not live through the day to come home to his family.

“If I die, who will take over as dungeon master,” Art wondered. “Of all the things to pop in my head as some nutjob is shooting at me.”

Sinead is ready to celebrate an achievement nobody in her high school could have imagined the spirited goth girl accomplishing; she has completed her first year as a registered nurse in one of Portland’s top-rated trauma hospital emergency departments. She was planning to celebrate with a well-earned overseas vacation – an opportunity to cut loose, live memorable adventures, and maybe a vacation fling she would memorialize with a new cryptic tattoo. All of that will have to wait, her community needs her.

“This wouldn’t be happening if women were in charge,” said Sinead, gesturing to the swarm of people clashing and cars burning below.

I have enjoyed many creative outlets throughout my time, writing a novel is a new and exciting adventure I have always wanted to accomplish. Realizing we never know what lies in front of us on our journey, I have decided I can’t push this off any longer. I know not where this will take me, but it is not the destination I seek – it is the journey I want to experience. With Gratitude I hope you care to follow.

That said, I am open and look forward to sharing and discussing writing with other like-minded people. Visiting my blog posts and the sidebar will link you with the journey.