D.E. Haworth

Writing my debut novel of a dystopian/survival/thriller trilogy. Write/read fantasy and science fiction with a sweet spot for dystopian, post apocalyptic, and thriller fiction.


Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself. – Mark Twain

It has been just over a month since I joined the ranks of the unemployed. I wish I could say it has been joyous, but I am not the type to sit at home. That said, I had a great time with the family vacationing in Michigan, but since I have returned home, I have been mostly job hunting. What a drag! There is a silver lining though, I have had time to write every day consistently. Which was my primary writing objective for July, forming the habit of writing every day.

My initial plan, to build the writing habit, was to get it out of the way first thing in the morning. That ended up not being practical within the confines of my family obligations and lifestyle. I revised the goal to ‘write as soon as you can’ each day, and that has tended to work better.

Another part of the initial writing goal involved the metric of writing 1,000 words a day or at least an hour a day. Unfortunately, that didn’t work well either, and frankly, it took much of the fun out of writing. I could see that working better (though probably involving higher word counts) if writing is your job or primary source of income. It is not in my case. Again I revised the goal, with the desire to make the goal something I would consistently achieve, to make a habit of writing daily.

Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses. – George Washington Carver

The goal has been revised to read, “Write every day, as soon as you can, and as often as you can during the day.” That takes the pressure (guilt) of not getting to it right away, but the priority is still there to get it done before doing other items that can wait. There were days I only wrote a couple of hundred words or wrote for 15 minutes. Days like when I was traveling with the family, but I still made the time to write. Other days, I had several hours and was able to write a couple of thousand words. Most days I was able to write with my morning coffee, and other days it was the last thing I did before going to bed. This goal is working well for me. I look forward to my daily writing time. It is like a reward. I am proud to say, I have accomplished my goal every day over the last month.

I can confidently claim writing is a daily habit.

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