Dave was born in 1968 in Redondo Beach, California. He spent all of his childhood and a good portion of his adulthood in Southern California before moving to Portland, Oregon with his wife and two children.
He has pursued one creative outlet or another throughout his life; music, drama and especially photography. As a reader who enjoys stories with well-developed characters and plots, he was drawn to creative writing in school with dabbling or two as an adult. Whether he was writing short stories, fan fiction, blogging or attempting screenwriting.
He predominantly wrote for self-enjoyment lacking the confidence in his writing to get serious about it or to entertain sharing his work with others. That changed in the summer of 2015 when an injury had prevented Dave from enjoying his hobby of photography or participating in grassroots’ motorsports. During this period, he started reading more than he had in years, and he picked up a copy of the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Starter Set to introduce his son to role-playing games. It was too advanced for his young son, but Dave was fully committed to rekindling his childhood joy of playing tabletop role-playing games. This wormhole led to creating characters with elaborate backgrounds, which led to creating adventures, which spiraled into creating a world or two, which led to “I want to write fiction.”
“I want to write for the enjoyment of writing, though I want to share what I am writing. I have and still, am studying the craft of writing which has given me the confidence to take this next step.” This blog is a vehicle to share my journey into writing, as well as my love for Tabletop Roleplaying Games (RPG), video games, books I enjoy, and all that is generally considered geeky exploration.