David Edward Haworth, “Dave”, was born in 1968 in Redondo Beach, California. From his first visit as a child, to later years when he deployed to NAS Whidbey Island (for joint Anti-Submarine Warfare exercises with Canadian ASW units). The beauty of the Pacific Northwest has lured him. The appeal of moving to the PNW became a reality not too long after visiting Portland to attend a racing school (rally) in 2007.  As soon as they could settle the household affairs, he and his family moved to Portland, Oregon.

Creativity has been a foundation throughout Dave’s life; music, theater, photography, and writing. As an avid reader and day-dreamer, Dave’s imagination would take-off with the slightest inspiration. From his first creative writing class, the thought of writing a novel has appealed to him. As an adult, he dabbled in the craft, short-stories, fan fiction, blogging, and attempting screenwriting. The flame smoldered, but didn’t ignite.

Dave didn’t share his early writing, as he lacked the confidence in his writing ability. That changed in the summer of 2015 when an injury prevented Dave from the short-term enjoyment of photography and amateur motor sports. During this period, he started reading more than he had in years, fueling his wish to create his own stories. He also purchased a copy of the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Starter Set to introduce his son to role-playing games. Dave had not played D&D since childhood, but now committed, he had rekindled his joy of playing tabletop role-playing games. The RPG wormhole led to creating characters with elaborate backgrounds, which led to designing adventures for his gaming mates. Next he created of worlds for his gaming friends and others to explore.

The smoldering flame of writing ignited into a burning hunger to write a book—books. He started down the path of self-educating himself on the craft of writing. Dave consumed  books, videos, podcasts, and online education, with a healthy dose of trial and error. Each bump in the road providing another lesson in writing. His vivid imagination combined with an unwavering determination will surly lead to realizing his want to be a successful author.

Dave circa 1989

“I write for the enjoyment and to release stories from my overactive mind.  I look forward to the opportunity to share what I am creating with readers. My confidence in my skills has grown over the last couple of years, and the only way to advance my ability as a writing it to do it. Write that first book. Then the next and so on. That is where I now stand as I am working on writing my debut novel, the first book of a planned trilogy.”ep.”

This blog is to share my journey into writing, books (I’ve read and want to read), my love for tabletop role-playing games (RPG), video games, and all that is general nerd culture.

Dave spent his high school years at a boarding school that focused on the arts. After a brief stint at college, and not sure what he wanted to do professionally; Dave dropped out of college and spent the next eight years (1987 -1995) in the US Navy flying in S-3A/B Viking aircraft as a Naval Aircrewman. During this period he attended several survival schools including SERE (Survival, Evade, Resist & Escape) school, flew missions from the USS Nimitz, USS Enterprise and USS Independence during his stints with VS-41 Shamrocks (training and instructor tours) and VS-21 Redtails (fleet squadron). Following the military, Dave returned to college to graduate with a BS in Business (Accounting) and embarked on his professional career, but his driving force has always been his joy gained through his creative outlets.

S-3B Viking firing a Harpoon missile.